Sessions at Rock Edge starting next week

We start our pre-school group at Rock Edge next Thursday – hooray! We headed to Rock Edge today to check over the site (which is looking great in all its spring foliage!), and to have a go at our activity for next week – hapa zome – the Japanese art of imprinting leaf dye onto fabric. It sounds impressive but basically involves bashing things with mallets…

I have been spending a bit more time in front of a computer and a bit less time in the woods than I’d like but I’m just trying to get all the behind the scenes admin sorted out.

To that end, there are a couple of forms that participants will need to fill in on their first session. I will bring forms to the session, but anyone who can download them from the links here, fill them out and bring them along or even email them to in advance will save a few minutes of form-filling in the woods!

  1. Adult Medical Form. This is for any adult attending – you are just as (un)likely to have some sort of accident as your child/ren! So please fill this form out for yourself so that we are able to make the correct first aid decisions, should such a scenario arise.
  2. Child Medical Form. Please fill one in for each child attending.
  3. Policy and Media Consent Form. Please read through our Code of Conduct and Clothing and Personal Equipment policies and also let us know whether you are happy to be photographed. If you are not, we will of course ensure that this doesn’t happen.

See you next Thursday – Rock Edge, OX3 8NE – at 10am.