The modern way of life is placing an increasing burden on the planet, which cannot be sustained. Things which were once taken for granted such as a secure supply of energy or a stable climate do not look so permanent now.  We need to protect our planet and its resources and produce less waste and at Forest School we aim to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly in our practice as possible:

– We will support markets for ethical goods and services at all times – attempting to use less packaging and eco-friendly products, and re-using and up-cycling objects for our use in the forest – for example making a mud kitchen out of old pallets or bug hotels out of wood offcuts.

– We will supply and use healthy and locally produced, seasonal food and drink (LOAF = Local, Organic, Animal friendly, Fairly Traded)

– We will recycle or compost or burn (if we have a fire going) anything suitable, and try to put the bare minimum into landfill.

– We will be careful and sparing with water.

– We will look after our forest setting, will be careful to minimise our impact on the flora and fauna, will leave as little trace as possible and not pick or cut too much foliage or disturb too many animal or insect habitats.

– Where possible we will run forest school within an easy walk from the school itself and avoid the need for motorised transport to get the children to our site. This will boost fitness and well-being and minimise pollution.

– We will promote community cohesion by providing an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere that values everyone’s participation.

– We will teach these values to all our children and encourage them to think about acting in a sustainable way throughout their lives.