Freezing weather

Yesterday was a chilly morning for our year ones at Forest School; it was -4 C at 9.30 when they arrived and still only -1 C when they left at 11.30, despite the sun shining all morning. The children were sensible and wore plenty of layers as well as hats and gloves and we were careful not to let them sit still for too long, making sure that they were busy with gross motor activities for most of the session to keep them warm. These children have been coming to forest school for five weeks now and their resilience has really improved over this short time – we barely had a single complaint about the cold (except from the grown ups!) and the children enjoyed themselves as much as ever, and loved exploring their site in this beautiful frosty weather. 

Regular outings to forest school, especially in all weathers, is proven to increase children’s resilience and this class is no exception.